11/17/2014 04:11 EST | Updated 11/17/2014 04:59 EST

Stylish Socks That Will Keep Your Toes Toasty During The Winter

B. Blue via Getty Images

Socks are the unsung heroes who never quite get the recognition they deserve for keeping our feet warm and not swimming in sweat. After all, our feet have 250,000 sweat glands that would get trapped in our warm damp shoes if it weren’t for the almighty sock. Think about that for a second and let's appreciate their warm, sweat-absorbing fibres.

We rely particular heavily on socks in the winter months when sandals are no longer an option. Lately, the focus on fun, playful socks and hosiery appears to be on the rise. Companies like Toronto-based Yo Sox believes that the time for socks or “sox” in their case to make a statement is now.

Here are some of our favourite pairs!

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Forever 21 Sneaker Patterned Ankle Socks, $1.50

Look! It’s like wearing a sock version of your favourite pair of converse sneakers.

Yo Sox “Fresh Popped” Knee High, $12.95

These popcorn patterned socks are a conversation starter waiting to happen.

Topman Jelly Bean Socks, $8

Leave it to Topman to provide us with a pair of socks printed with our favourite childhood candy: jellybeans!

Duchamp Dress Socks Gift Set, $98

It’s no longer lame to get or give socks as a gift. This gift set comes with three pairs of socks with playful patterns to liven up his work attire.

Alexander Wang x H&M Overknee Socks, $17.95

The coveted Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration offers a great pair of performance socks that easily blend style with comfort and practicality. These jacquard knit socks are made of a fast drying material to absorb sweat ultra fast.

ASOS Mix Knit Ankle Sock with Lace Trim, $7.48

Feeling a little extra feminine today? If so, you might want to put on this sock, which is pretty basic except for the dainty black lace trim that dresses it right up.

Hudson’s Bay Company Striped Sock, $10

Ten dollars seems like a small price to pay to be patriotic. Our beloved Hudson’s Bay Company is the purveyor of this great pair with The Bay’s signature heritage stripes.

L.L. Bean Fun Stripe Chocolate Fleece Sock, $16.95

These socks will not generate the kind of buzz your jellybean pair will but they will keep your toes warm during the dreaded winter walk to work.

Kate Spade Jane Trompe Bow Trouser, $10

Our reaction to this sock was a resounding, “aww!” It almost looks like you’re wearing a Mary Jane but not. A sock that looks like a shoe is kind of mind-boggling.

Free People Feet First Yoga Socks, $14.92

We bet you didn’t know socks specifically for yoga existed. Free People offers these cute, heelless, toeless socks that provide traction for your yoga sessions. Namaste.