11/18/2014 08:58 EST

Most In-Demand Job Skills In Canada, And Best Cities For Work, According To LinkedIn


Got a knack for developing mobile apps? There’s almost certainly a job somewhere in Canada with your name on it.

LinkedIn, the social site for networkers, shmoozers and job-seekers, has put together a list of the skills most likely to get you hired, and mobile app development comes out on top.

Tech seems to be the way to go; of the top 10 skills on LinkedIn’s list, seven had to do with digital media or programming.

Surprisingly, skills related to jobs in oil and gas failed to make the list. But then, this is a list based on LinkedIn users, and people looking for work in the oilsands probably don’t go on LinkedIn to find it.

But LinkedIn does have 10 million members in Canada, which is a pretty big sample size for a survey.

So keeping all that in mind, here are the most in-demand skills in Canada, among LinkedIn users.

The percentage number represents the fraction of LinkedIn users who started a new job over the past year (Sept. 2013 to Sept. 2014) and had the skill in question on their resume.

1. Mobile Application Development 30.4 %

2. Software Revision Control Systems 27.2 %

3. Social Media Marketing 27.1 %

4. Economics 26.1 %

5. Programming languages (Perl/Python/Ruby) 24.8 %

6. Computer Graphics and Animation 23.7 %

7. Software Code Debugging 23.6 %

8. Data Presentation 23.0 %

9. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 22.7 %

10. User Interface Design 22.5 %

The study also looked at the best cities in Canada to find a job. To do that, it looked at the percentage of LinkedIn users in a given city who are “new hires.” That gives some indication of which cities have the most dynamic job markets.

Not surprisingly, Calgary and Toronto topped the list. In Calgary, 8.6 per cent of LinkedIn users were new hires, and in Toronto the number was 7.2 per cent.

Here’s the full list of the cities where you are most likely to get hired:

1. Calgary 8.6 %

2. Toronto 7.2 %

3. Vancouver 7.0 %

4. Halifax 7.0 %

5. Kitchener 7.0 %

6. Montreal 6.8 %

7. Edmonton 6.7 %

8. Ottawa 6.3 %

9. London 5.4 %

10. Winnipeg 4.9 %

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