11/18/2014 05:40 EST | Updated 01/18/2015 05:59 EST

Project Yellowbird site to help owners find stolen goods

Handbags, laptops, big-screen TVs and jewelry are just some of the 4,000-plus items Toronto police recovered in a recent operation that they hope to reunite with the original owners.

Earlier this year, police revealed some of the details of Project Yellowbird, a nine-month investigation into an alleged criminal organization that stole high-end vehicles and valuables.

On Tuesday, Det. David Zajac said that police have recovered so much property they had to build a website for members of the public to use to identify their missing items.

"We have over 4,000 photos of pieces of property," he told reporters.

Zajac said the website launched Tuesday.

When police initially released details about Project Yellowbird in August, they said they had recovered 23 vehicles. Zajac said Tuesday they are aware of others that have been shipped overseas.