11/18/2014 08:37 EST | Updated 11/19/2014 01:59 EST

'Ultra Cheap Asian Boys' Of Vancouver Pokes Fun At Rich Girls Show (VIDEO)

Move over, ultra rich Asian girls of Vancouver: the ultra cheap Asian boys are here.

By now you've probably heard about the Vancouver reality show that follows the spectacular lives of the city's well-off Asian women, but where does that leave the men? Poor and living off of sour milk, apparently.

"Ultra Cheap Asian Boys," a parody that pokes fun at the rich girls' version, was posted to YouTube on Sunday. Created by the Life of BRI channel, the video hilariously follows a group of young Asian men as they share a single bubble tea and browse the aisles at Old Navy.

"Saving Money, Meals at McDonalds, Arcades, Pool Tables, and Civics are all part of the daily lives of the Ultra Cheap Asian Boys of Vancouver [sic]," states the video description. "Are you the next #HPBtv of Vancouver? Discounts, coupons, and a fistful of loose change?"

While the female reality show is called #HBICtv ("Hot Bitch In Charge TV"), the parody is called #HPBtv ("Hella Poor Boy TV").

Is it just us, or would the two groups living together in a house make for the most amazing show of all?

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