11/19/2014 10:54 EST | Updated 01/19/2015 05:59 EST

A behind the scenes look at Rob Ford, shortly after he was stripped of his powers

A local musician is trying to capitalize on Rob Ford's last few weeks in office with a music video featuring footage of the mayor directly after city council stripped him of his key mayoral powers after he admitted to smoking crack in office.

Even as it appears a year to the day after the fact, the video is rare a look inside the outgoing mayor's office during a crucial time in his first and only term.

Brendan Croskerry worked briefly in the mayor's office and was present when Ford returned to his office after council voted by a wide margin to slash his budget. Days earlier, council also voted to remove his authority during emergency situations and stripped his power to hire and fire the deputy mayor and appoint members of his executive committee.

This was all in response to an admission that Ford smoked crack while in office, among other controversies.

Croskerry filmed the mayor's reaction in the aftermath of the vote, which Ford said at the time was similar to Iraq invading Kuwait in the 1990s — a move by then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein that provoked the Gulf War with the United States.

"Well folks, if you think American-style politics is nasty, you guys have just attacked Kuwait," Ford said at the time.

But by the time he reached his office after that now-famous speech, Ford seemed much more calm, according to the video.

Ford was greeted by a young boy who sung a song to a mini stereo accompaniment. He then toured the boy through the office, pointing out framed newspaper clippings and other adornments on his wall.

Croskerry is releasing an EP called Live From City Hall to accompany the video.

It is not the first time Croskerry's music was set to a Ford video. The mayor released a campaign-like summer highlight reel, called Summer of Ford, before the official campaign actually began.

Corskerry's role in the mayor's office was special assistant.

Ford was running for re-election until he became too ill to continue his campaign. He instead stood for council in his old ward, Etobicoke North. He won that ward convincingly.

Ford is mayor until Dec. 1, when mayor-elect John Tory takes over.