11/19/2014 06:31 EST | Updated 11/20/2014 03:59 EST

Dramatic Time-Lapse Videos Show Buffalo Never Stood A Chance

Wintery weather is wreaking havoc in Buffalo, N.Y. after the state was hit with a huge snowstorm on Tuesday.

Social media users have posted plenty of photos showing the pounding that the city has taken from the snow, but a pair of time-lapse videos give a dramatic new picture of how terrifying the storm really was.

One of them, taken from the 31st floor of a downtown Buffalo skyscraper by Joseph DiBenedictis and Jason Holler, shows a powerful-looking storm hovering over Lake Erie before it makes its way into the city.

A second video, filmed from Buffalo's Prudential Building, also shows thick storm clouds passing over the lake.

The weather event has been blamed in the deaths of at least seven people in New York, Michigan and New Hampshire.

The massive snowfall in Buffalo has been the result of a perfect alignment of "lake effect" conditions. Essentially, the disparity in temperature between the water over Lake Erie and the air above has led to huge amounts of evaporation. Furthermore, cold winds have aligned perfectly with the full length of Lake Erie,sweeping the ever-gathering precipitation into Buffalo and the surrounding area.

Snow is forecast to continue in Buffalo up to Friday.

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