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NDP MP Craig Scott: Liberals Breached Privacy Of Alleged Victims

OTTAWA - New Democrat MP Craig Scott is lashing out at the Liberals for what he calls a breach of good faith and confidentiality around the case of two female colleagues who alleged misconduct.

The Canadian Press has reported that Scott accompanied one of the two women to a private meeting with Liberal whip Judy Foote and NDP whip Nycole Turmel to go over the details of her allegation against a Liberal MP.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter say Scott, a former law professor, told the Liberals that one of the misconduct incidents — as it was described to him — amounted to an allegation of sexual assault.

In a statement, Scott — a former Osgoode Hall law professor — does not confirm or deny that characterization of the incident.

He says he went to the meeting in good faith to help a friend, but he now feels the confidentiality has been broken in a way that puts pressure on the victim.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau suspended MPs Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti from caucus the following week, despite their denials of any wrongdoing.

Scott's full statement:

I attended a meeting with the Liberal Whip at the request of, and in order to help and support, a friend and colleague.

My good faith contribution to this meeting was confidential. This good faith has been breached, and confidentiality deliberately broken in a way that further disrespects and puts pressure on the victim. At the same time, these actions continue to completely ignore the rights of former Liberal MPs.

I got involved to help a colleague, with one cardinal rule: respect the wishes of the victim. For those who still do not understand: one must respect victims rights, whether the issue is civil, criminal or disciplinary. Unlike others, I do not believe there is any virtue, let alone an ethical duty, to act contrary to victims' wishes.

For Liberal backroom operators to claim that somehow I am responsible for Justin Trudeau's decision is simply laughable.

I will therefore not dignify this spin with any further comments.

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