11/19/2014 09:53 EST | Updated 11/19/2014 09:59 EST

Emily Ratajkowski Wears The Perfect Fall Outfit

When she's not posing topless on Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski is wearing the perfect fall outfit.

Case in point: the easy breezy monochrome ensemble the budding actress wore on Tuesday. In the pic, which she posted on her Instagram page, the "Gone Girl" actress sports a cozy black sweater and matching skinny jeans with cool zipper detailing. A couple of rings, messy wavy hair and natural makeup is all it took to complete the effortless look, and Emily nailed it down pat.

The best part of the "Blurred Lines" video gal's New York chic outfit? You can buy basically the exact same clothes for a bargain at your local vintage store or even a mall retail chain like H&M and Zara. (And who said models have unobtainable style?)

Emily has been quietly taking over the Internet not only because of her gorgeous figure (that body, though) but also because of her edgy style (that plunging pantsuit is everything).

Up next? World domination!

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