Vince Carter Tribute By Toronto Raptors Finally Buries The Hatchet

It looks like the Toronto Raptors have finally buried the hatchet with Vince Carter.

With the Memphis Grizzlies visiting the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night, it seemed like an appropriate time for the team to pay tribute to one of the biggest stars who ever played in the organization.

Carter played seven seasons with the Raptors, racking up 9,420 points. In that time he set team records such as most points scored in a single game (a milestone that has since been matched by Terrence Ross), most points scored in a season (2,107 in 1999-2000) and the highest points-per-game average (23.4).

But he and the Raptors parted on poor terms after the forward reportedly feuded with managers and coach Sam Mitchell before being traded to the New Jersey Nets in 2004, CBC News reported.

Fans angrily booed him upon his return to Toronto.

Globe and Mail columnist Jeff Blair argued early this year that it was time for the Raptors to put aside the anger with Carter, especially when their future looks so bright, and when there was plenty of blame to go around for his departure.

And it looks like that's precisely what happened Wednesday, as the Raptors played a video tribute to the player that had fans cheering and Carter shedding tears on the court.

Toronto would go on to beat Memphis 96-92. Carter had seven points.