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Britannia Residents Throw Rocks, Insults At Calgary Fence Builders

They may just be the most unneighbourly neighbours ever.

Residents of an upscale Calgary community have been throwing rocks and hurling hurtful words at city fence builders who are trying to protect an important enscarpment overlooking the city.

According to Global News, workers have been erecting a fence along Briannia Drive S.W. to protect visitors from the steep slope and to preserve the historic area.

The remediation plan has been two years in the making, with the parks department consulting with residents.

But it appears some people aren't happy with how the plan is playing out.

Some residents claim the fence blocks the view when sitting on benches along the path, and others are displeased with the design of the fence, reports the Calgary Herald.

In a recent community newsletter, Britannia Community president Tim Taylor wrote that police were handling complaints of "rocks being thrown at workers and their equipment, unkind and inappropriate words spoken to city employees, and of vandalism and graffiti (apparently including uprooting of the fence posts).”

Doug Marter, manager of planning and development for city parks, told the Calgary Herald the site is clearly a danger and the fence needs to be built a certain way with a specific look to preserve the area.

He also said the city needs to move forward with the project.

“Where does the public input start, and then stop? At a certain stage of design, there are just constraints, and you need to go ahead.”

Taylor encouraged residents to try to get along with the fence builders and to "implement the spirit of community and neighbourliness."

Otherwise, he said, the situation could escalate to a point where charges have to be laid.


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