Grandmas Smoke Weed, Play Cards Against Humanity For The First Time (VIDEO)

The headline may already say it all, but you really have to watch these three grandmas hit a bong and get high for the first time.

Shot by The Cut (there is even an extended version), three grannies in Washington state — yes, where you can legally get high — are filmed smoking weed, playing Cards Against Humanity and conquering Jenga.

The video is shot over 40 minutes and the grandmas engage in conversations about muscle tension, learn a few dirty words and explain why they've never smoked weed in the past.

Now either this is totally authentic or some great acting, either way, we're incredibly entertained. In fact, we're not sure what we love more: all the giggles or how zoned out the grandma in the middle is.

Watch the video above yourself!

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