11/20/2014 09:01 EST | Updated 01/20/2015 05:59 EST

The icy incline Toronto cars just wouldn't stop trying to climb

Wednesday's commute was a headache for many Toronto-area drivers as a little snow caused big trouble during the outbound commute.

But driving problems weren't limited to the city's major roads.

CBC reporter Trevor Dunn found a hill in a residential area in the city's west end where drivers kept heading up, then sliding right back down. Even neigbhours pleading with drivers to not attempt a run at the hill on Humbercrest Boulevard and Langmuir Crescent were ignored.

The result was a 20-car pileup of vehicles at the bottom.

Click on the image above to watch Trevor's story about the icy west-end hill that drivers just would not stop trying to climb.