11/21/2014 09:17 EST | Updated 01/21/2015 05:59 EST

B.C. Lions' Wally Buono says a lot went wrong this season

B.C. Lions general manager and vice-president Wally Buono is candid about the the CFL team's dismal season.

"We all have to share in the blame," he told Rick Cluff of CBC Radio's The Early Edition. "A lot went wrong," he said. Buono fired his head coach, Mike Benevides, Thursday.

The season ended for the Lions after a 50-17 team trouncing by the Montreal Alouettes Sunday. The Lions only won four games at home.

"We had a lot of injuries right of the bat. There was times at training camp we could barely practice because we hadn't enough healthy bodies," he said.

The team's number one quarterback Travis Lulay was out at the beginning of the season with a shoulder injury.

"I think it's time to bring some freshness into the organization," he told Cluff when asked about the future of the team.