11/21/2014 18:51 EST | Updated 01/21/2015 05:59 EST

Const. Joel Demore, Ottawa police officer, named on hacked city site

The City of Ottawa website has been hacked and names an Ottawa police officer who was involved in the investigation of an Ottawa teen who allegedly called in faked emergencies across North America.

The hacked site shows a dancing banana and names Const. Joel Demore of Ottawa police west district investigations.

"Joel Demore: You laugh at us, you are scared of us, does this help your laughing?" the website reads. "We can destroy everything, this is a flex of our power. Please, test us. You know what we want."

The officer's email address is also published.

The site was hacked late Friday afternoon.

Ottawa police said Friday evening that they're investigating.

Father claims hacker group has evidence of son's innocence

Last week, the father of the teen in the swatting case — who cannot be named under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act — protested the charges against his son on Parliament Hill.

The boy, 16, is facing 60 criminal charges relating to at least 30 fake emergencies that were allegedly called in to police forces across North America, sometimes requiring a SWAT team response.

"I was at my wit's end, and then I got an email, and the email was from Anonymous, the hacker group," the boy's father told reporters on the Hill on Nov. 12. "And it says … here's the evidence to free your son.

"And … the people helping me have guaranteed me that more evidence is coming," the father said.