11/21/2014 11:30 EST | Updated 11/21/2014 11:59 EST

15 Of Goldie Hawn's Best Style Moments Through The Years

Happy Birthday, Goldie Hawn!

The "First Wives Club" actress turns 69 on November 21, and as our way of celebrating, we're taking a look back at some of her best style moments through the years.

The mother of Kate Hudson (the resemblance is getting more and more striking) and Wyatt Russell, Hawn began her career as a professional dancer who performed in New York City and abroad.

Her feature film debut came in 1968, when she appeared in Disney's "The One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band." She followed up that project with a starring role in "Cactus Flower," which won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Over the years, Hawn has proven herself to be a true Hollywood star through and through, all the while maintaining her fun, quirky, and totally playful style. From pretty dresses to matchy-matchy separates and gorgeous gowns, Goldie has tried it all. And we love her for it.

Just take a look at some of her best style moments below, and perhaps you'll find a little wardrobe inspiration for yourself.

  • 1964
    Joseph Klipple via Getty Images
    Goldie's voluminous blond "lob" pairs perfectly with her puffy sleeves. This is just an all-around pretty look.
  • 1964
    Joseph Klipple via Getty Images
    The most perfect, ladylike silhouette we ever did see. Goldie looks like a total '60s babe in this frock, and the white pumps are just perfection. Side note: Why doesn't our hair ever look this cute?
  • 1964
    Joseph Klipple via Getty Images
    The trench coat always was and always will be a staple in every woman's closet. Goldie wears it with panache and makes it playful. Her ballet flats are also pretty great.
  • 1964
    Joseph Klipple via Getty Images
    How can someone look so gorgeous while eating a hamburger? Seriously. This is perhaps the most graceful burger eating we've ever seen -- she hasn't even let a drop of ketchup fall! And we guess her ruffled dress is pretty cute too.
  • 1970
    This ensemble looks like it could have been taken right out of a current Miu Miu ad. It was great then, and it's great now. Hooray for matching separates!
  • 1989
    Time Life Pictures via Getty Images
    This look is the epitome of effortless glam, in our humble opinion. Goldie looks like she just woke up like this (#flawless). And don't her and Kurt Russell just make such an attractive couple?
  • 2003
    Kevin Winter via Getty Images
    At the 2003 Golden Globes, the "First Wives Club" star went for something pretty risque, and we admire her for it. Sure, it might not be our first choice, but Goldie looks great. And if you've got it, flaunt it. Right?
  • 1978
    CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images
    Here she is performing with comedian George Burns on "The Goldie Hawn Special," and can we just say -- DAYUM! She looks absolutely smokin' in this slinky gown. (It's pretty obvious where daughter Kate Hudson got her looks...)
  • 1969
    Columbia TriStar via Getty Images
    We're in love with the actress' shaggy pixie cut -- it's cute but cool at the same time, and she definitely owns it. Bonus points for the ruffled nightie and furry slippers combo.
  • 1985
    Ron Galella via Getty Images
    Pictured here with partner Kurt Russell, the actress chose what was possibly the most perfect dress ever for the Los Angeles American Ballet Theatre Opening Night Gala. It's like Swan Lake meets disco diva, and we love it.
  • 1987
    Ron Galella, Ltd. via Getty Images
    Goldie looked like a golden goddess as the guest of honour at the American Committee for the Tel Aviv Foundation Honours Goldie Hawn event back in 1987. Sequins are always a good idea, and she totally proves it.
  • 1996
    Dave Allocca via Getty Images
    In yet another metallic look, Goldie totally rocks it. And we want to know all the secrets to getting her voluminous hair.
  • 1975
    Bill Wunsch via Getty Images
    Looking fun, fresh, and effortlessly gorgeous. The spidery lower lashes are a nice touch.
  • 1968
    Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
    Even with her body covered in pictures and words, she looks great. They can't distract from her quirky looks and cute pixie 'do.
  • 1970
    Stanley Bielecki Movie Collection via Getty Images
    Back in 1970, the blond beauty channeled Brigitte Bardot and nailed the look. We love it so much we might even try it out for ourselves.