11/21/2014 08:22 EST | Updated 01/21/2015 05:59 EST

Mould and mushrooms force closure of Rosemont elementary school

A Rosemont elementary school will close its doors until a mould and mushroom infestation can be addressed, which could take up to four years.

The head of the French-language Montreal School Board (CSDM) Catherine Harel Bourdon said the school board presented its Thursday night proposal to move students from Ste-bibiane to the nearby Sans-Frontières school. 

However, Ste-Bibiane's vigilance committee and parents are angry because they feel they were the last to find out.

A statement issued by the committee — which is composed of parents, teachers, school administrators and after-school daycare staff — said the president of the CSDM told La Presse about the closure before informing parents and staff. 

Harel Bourdon said she was surprised to hear that because, according to her, the member of the committee who drafted the statement is the one who called La Presse first.

The committee accused the CSDM of a lack of transparency and a lax attitude toward those affected by the school closure.

Ste-Bibiane was ranked fourth most-dilapidated school in the CSDM by Radio-Canada in January.

Harel Bourdon said it is impossible to conduct the kinds of repairs needed while students are still in the school.

She said the foundation and masonry needs serious work.

The committee said there are at least six types of mushrooms living in the walls of the school. It said a number of school employees reported symptoms that could be linked to their exposure to mould.