11/22/2014 01:22 EST | Updated 01/22/2015 05:59 EST

Karen Armstrong, Martin Short, Egypt: Radio highlights this week

We produce some great segments On the Coast every week, but we understand that you may not always have time to sit by the radio waiting for them to come on. 

We wouldn't want you to miss out, so we're bringing them to you. This week we were fortunate enough to invite Karen Armstrong, Martin Short and Kara Cooney into our studio.

Here's why you should take the time to listen:  ​

Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong is a former Catholic nun who has become a writer and an expert on religion.

She won a TED prize and launched a Charter for Compassion to promote her ideas for a better society.

Her latest book "Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence" examines religion throughout history and how that informs our world today. And while that could be a pretty dry conversation in some hands, Karen Armstrong makes it fascinating and relevant.

Martin Short

​Martin Short is an actor and comedian who was a cast member of Second City Television and Saturday Night Live, and gave birth to many memorable characters, including Ed Grimley, Jackie Rogers Junior and JiminyGlick.

He was in town to talk about his new memoir, I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend. 

He shared stories about his early days hanging out with Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, and Steve Martin, and he gets personal about his low moments, from feeling like he's falling behind his friends, to the loss of his wife to cancer.

Kara Cooney, Egyptologist

Kara Cooney you may not know, but after you listen to her interview you'll be glad you took the time. She is an Egyptologist from UCLA who has written a book called "The Woman Who Would be King." 

It's about Hatshepsut, an Egyptian queen who dressed like a man to successfully maneuver through her political career. This isn't all about ancient history, it's about how women and men act differently when they're in power, and how people react to ruling women.