11/22/2014 23:32 EST | Updated 01/22/2015 05:59 EST

Leafs' post-game salute returns

After snubbing fans at Air Canada Centre by not saluting following a win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday, the Leafs decided to bring back the post-game ritual to cap off their 4-1 defeat of the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday night. 

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Leafs' players had admitted the omission of the salute was intentional. Furthermore, the gesture, or lack thereof, was interpreted as a message to fans for throwing jerseys on the ice.

And with the return of the salute after Saturday's victory, it only seemed to solidify the Leafs' feelings about the increasing tendency to see jerseys tossed onto the playing surface, particularly after an embarrassing 9-2 loss at home to the Nashville Predators earlier this month. 

However, just as it appeared the rift between the players and fans was settled, tonight's salute received a mixed reaction at best on Twitter.

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