11/22/2014 09:33 EST | Updated 11/22/2014 11:59 EST

Leo, Paraplegic Dog From Thailand, Finds New Home In Canada (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Meagan Penman was vacationing in Thailand months ago when she came upon a dog that could only use its front legs to walk.

The dog, which she later named Leo, was malnourished, covered in ticks and dragging himself along, apparently unable to move his hind legs, according to a YouCaring page.

Taking pity on the canine, she contacted a number of rescue shelters in the area but none could take him.

leo dog

So Penman set up a GoFundMe page on June 21 in an effort to bring Leo back home to Canada, where he could obtain the "vet care he needs."

She also set up a Facebook page to update people on her efforts.

On July 3, after travelling elsewhere, she reunited with the dog on a beach and carried him to a veterinarian. A Facebook post indicated that his knees had been skinned from crawling around.

X-rays showed that his back was broken, and that he would "never walk again."

leo xray

Leo remained in the veterinarian's care for three months as Penman sought out a family to sponsor him in Canada before he could be adopted.

In the meantime, donations poured in for the dog as people heard about his story.

leo dog

After a number of delays, Leo flew to Canada and back into Penman's care in October.

He was later fostered out to Jamie Smith, a Sarnia, Ont. resident who helped him obtain a "doggie wheelchair" so that he could walk again.

Smith also set up a second fundraising page for Leo at to help pay for long-term veterinary costs.

leo wheelchair

So much money poured into the fundraising pages that they were shut down, having topped their goals.

Penman said the money would go into a "trust fund" for the dog to pay for anything he needed.

As for Leo's future, she said that he's "pretty much set for the rest of his days."

leo dog

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