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How 'The Simpsons' Can Help You Get Dressed This Fall And Winter

THE SIMPSONS: The 'Pay Pal' episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, May 11, 2014 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)
THE SIMPSONS: The 'Pay Pal' episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, May 11, 2014 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of "The Simpsons," so to celebrate we’re doing the most logical thing: using its female characters to promote and identify key pieces of the fall/winter collections. (That makes sense, right? Of course it does—the show is timeless.)

While we probably didn’t notice how on-point its fashion was when we first tuned in (see: we were children), we can absolutely notice now. Here’s how each character predicted the trends of 2014—or at least dressed so well they ensured best-dressed descriptions for years to come.

What: String of pearls

One of the most important takeaways of last year’s '20s obsession is that pearls go with everything. Of course we could’ve learned that much earlier from Marge Simpson, whose pearls are a staple, a beacon, and the foundation on which we build everything else. (Seriously: if "The Simpsons" universe ever crumbles, Marge’s pearls will still be standing.) And this is something Chanel recognized—both this season, and next (in case you want to get ahead of the game). Marge!

2. Who: Lisa Simpson

What: Mary Jane shoes

We discredit Lisa Simpson’s look because it’s so similar to Marge’s, but in truth, she’s set the bar for footwear since 1989. Enter: Mary Janes, the most accessible, easy-to-wear, and available types of shoes to exist. Saint Laurent paid homage in leopard print this season, Christopher Kane did the platform thing, and Ralph Lauren kept it simple. And we can probably assume all featured said style as homage to Lisa.

What: High-waisted pencil skirt

Not a lot of us are Lovejoy-lovers, but we’ve still got to give credit where credit is due: the woman knows a pencil skirt. Evidently, so do designers like Tom Ford, Martina Cella, and Hugo Boss—all of which offered pieces so in-step with Helen Lovejoy’s vibe, that they obviously thought of the children.

4. Who: Ruth Powers

What: Leather jacket

Bless 2014 and its willingness to deliver pieces we need. Sure, meeting Ruth Powers back in ‘93 was a little intimidating (first because she was so bad-ass, and second because she’s the only person to have ever pulled off a bandana), but we know now as adults that Ms. Powers would’ve been our go-to pal. Why? Partially because leather jackets have become a fall/winter staple, whether worn new (à la Saint Laurent this season), old (see: your local Value Village), or while being chased by police, Thelma & Louise style.

What: Oversize cardigan

In case you didn’t hear her when she yelled at Marge in the pita/pretzel episode, Agnes’ name means “lamb – lamb of God.” Great. This probably explains her super-cozy go-to look: a dress capped off with a slightly oversize cardigan that we’ve seen in collections by Isabel Marant and Max Mara. Of course, if Agnes were here now she’d just yell at us and tell us she just likes to keep warm. (Then she would make us get up because that seat’s for her coin purse.)

What: Hair bow

We know she’s a baby, but Maggie Simpson beat Blair Waldorf to the punch in terms of staple hairpieces. After all, with great hair bows, comes great responsibility. (Or, a decent way to accessorize.) Appropriately, Dolce & Gabbana included bows in their children’s collection, while Olympia le Tan kept the look fun and teen-hangout-at-the-mall appropriate. (Which, of course, is the best kind of appropriate there is.)

What: Power suit

This season is Bernice Hibbert’s time to shine: Sophie Theallet, Daks, and Christian Dior were just three of the one million brands to feature power suits in their collection, likely because they knew Bernice has always looked sharp, so they’ve aspired to impress her. (Even though she’s a cartoon character. But guess what: we don’t care.)

What: Wide-legged pants

Not only can Luann draw “dignity,” she kept her pants flared and/or wide-legged, which totally balanced her button-up sleeveless number (which looks super Gap ’95). And look, we know her pants aren’t as wide as Michael Kors’ and Valentino’s styles from their fall/winter collections, but if set in 2014, you just know Luann would be all about what’s trendiest while schooling her peers in Pictionary.

9. Who: Alex Whitney

What: Knee socks and other nineties staples

Alex Whitney is the coolest teen, and we knew this from the beginning because she dressed like Cher from "Clueless." (Also: she was voiced by Lisa Kudrow, so...Namaste.) So because of the '90s resurgence, Alex Whitney dresses cool now, even though we only met her in the mid-1990s—which means all those thrift-store pieces, those knee socks, that mini-backpack, and that kilt are all justified purchases. Just avoid a Discover card at all costs.

10. Who: Cat Lady

What: Cats

Please don’t wear cats. Please don’t throw cats. Instead, buy dresses, sweaters, and whatever cat paraphernalia you can find because maybe if she had those options, the Cat Lady would hoard prints, not real felines. Also, somebody please get her the Internet.

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