11/26/2014 05:03 EST | Updated 11/26/2014 06:59 EST

'How To Be A Skier' (VIDEO) Shows It's OK To Blame Everything On Snowboarders

Just in time for ski season kicking off across Canada comes "How To Be A Skier" and proof it's OK to blame everything on snowboarders.

The video comes from IFHT (I F*cking Hate That), the same B.C.-based team behind "How To Be A Vancouverite" and "Shit Canadians Say, Eh?"

From beginners to the slickest ski veterans, you'll benefit from tips like:

  • Brag about how many days you have on your season's pass.
  • The intensity of your goggle tan is in direct correlation to how cool you are.
  • Always complain about the conditions.
  • Know the difference between pow, dump, and dank.
  • Make a video filmed entirely on a GoPro strapped to a ski pole, then use the most played out electronic music you can find

This latest video — sponsored by outdoor gear company MEC — is a bit of a breakthrough for IFHT creators, Matt Dennison and Jason Lucas, because it's their first major corporate partnership.

MEC provided all the wardrobe and gear in the video, and gave the IFHT team full creative control, Dennison told The Huffington Post B.C. in an interview.

"They’ve never done any advertising like this before. You've never seen a comedy video with MEC on it, so it’s pretty exciting for us to be a part of this, their first kind of viral marketing campaign," he said.

The friends, both 22, began sharing funny videos with friends on Facebook, and have since turned their passion into a growing YouTube channel with more than 164,000 subscribers.

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