11/26/2014 09:19 EST | Updated 11/26/2014 09:59 EST

Jennifer Aniston's 'The Rachel' Haircut Exists Because Of Drugs

At last, the truth behind the creation of "The Rachel" haircut has been revealed, and it's not what you'd expect.

While appearing as a guest on "The Graham Norton Show" last week, Jennifer Aniston shared some juicy tidbits about how her iconic "Friends" 'do came about. Basically, the answer is lots of drugs.

The 45-year-old claimed that it was difficult to maintain the hairstyle because she says her hairstylist Chris McMillan was "loaded when he gave me the haircut. Stoned out of his mind. He didn’t think about the fact, like, she’s going to have to do this herself. 'I'm having a great time being creative with this blow dryer' and leaves me with a round brush and a hair dryer and I don't know how to make it look like that."

As a result, the "Cake" star didn't even have to try to style her famous tresses on her own because McMillan—who also counts Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift as clients—is one of her go-to hairstylists.

Even though it's been 10 years since she sported "The Rachel," Aniston has had tons of iconic hair moments including the sexy Skrillex-inspired 'do she wore at the 2013 Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards and her signature layered locks that she loves to pull out on many a red carpet.

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