11/26/2014 07:43 EST | Updated 01/26/2015 05:59 EST

Watch Canucks' Bo Horvat find out he's staying in the NHL

Making the NHL is a moment so many Canadian kids dream about, but so few get to live.

For some of the lucky ones, not only do they get to play at the highest level of professional hockey they also become regulars. On Tuesday, one of the lucky ones found out that his professional career was to continue in the NHL.

Vancouver Canucks rookie Bo Horvat found out that his recent stint in the league was to become a more permanent position. The 19-year-old was informed that he was staying in the NHL and not being sent back to juniors in a feel-good moment captured on video by the Canucks.

Vancouver head coach Willie Desjardins and his staff made Horvat sweat a bit, showing video of a poor play Horvat made and then a clip of him making a good play.

Desjardins asks Horvat which player he is; the one who made the strong play or the poor play?

Horvat says he's the player who made the good play and Desjardins responds, "then welcome to the NHL.".

Horvat looks shocked and the locker room cheers. What a great way to find out you made it to the show.

Congratulations Bo. With a few more games, you're sure to add a few more to the one goal and three assists you have this season.