11/27/2014 08:05 EST | Updated 11/27/2014 12:59 EST

Canada Makes Very Canadian Debut On Twitter

It just wouldn't be Canadian if the country joined Twitter with great fanfare.

@Canada made a characteristically inauspicious debut on the social network Wednesday morning with the following tweet:

It's important to note that the account isn't meant to represent the country as a whole. It looks more like a conduit for information coming out of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, as suggested by a URL attached to the account's profile.

Nevertheless, Twitter users seemed excited about its arrival, having re-tweeted its first post more than 5,000 times.

A subsequent tweet gained almost as much attention and even helped a hashtag trend across the country.

But that wasn't all that @Canada had to offer on its first day on Twitter. It fielded suggestions on what its profile pic should be:

It asked people what makes Canada great, and received some, shall we say, interesting suggestions.

Finally, it issued a plea to Canadians to watch this Sunday's Grey Cup. After all, humbly edging citizens to watch one of the country's biggest sporting events seems about as Canadian as bacon poutine with maple syrup.

Given that this appears to be a government account, we'll keep our expectations low that @Canada will provide us with all the Canadiana we've come to love online.

But if it's anything like @CanadaNato, then we're in for a show.

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