11/27/2014 06:18 EST | Updated 01/27/2015 05:59 EST

Ex-pastor's wife might have killed herself, lawyer says

The lawyer for the former pastor accused of drugging and drowning his pregnant wife tried to poke holes in the Crown's case on Thursday — suggesting that KarissaGrandine might have killed herself or died accidentally. 

In his closing arguments, defence attorney Amit Thakore reminded the jury of testimony heard earlier in the trial — that Grandine was devastated by her husband's affair with one of his parishioners and by his use of pornography. 

The court also heard earlier, from the Crown, that a list of searches from the couple's computer included questions about lethal doses of the sedatives Adivan and Lorazepam. 

The Crown alleges Philip Grandine, a former pastor, drugged and drowned his wife in their bathtub, after researching the drugs online. He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after investigators found Lorazepam in her blood. 

But Thakore told jury members they should consider the possibility that Karissa Grandine committed suicide or slipped, bumped her head and fell in the tub.

He implied she looked up the drugs — because her Facebook page had been checked 25 seconds earlier. 

"There's two people in the house … using Facebook. Mrs. Grandine is doing the searches for fatal amounts of Lorazepam," Thakore said. 

The Crown claims that, as the administrator of a nursing home, Philip Grandine had access to Lorazepam.

But his lawyer reminded the jury there were no reports of any sedatives missing.

Philip Grandine told police he found his wife unconscious in the tub after returning from a jog. When paramedics arrived at the scene on the night of Oct. 17, she was allegedly still in the tub and the water had not been drained. She would later die in hospital.

Grandine told police he couldn't lift her out. She was five months pregnant at the time of her death. 

The Crown will begin its closing arguments on Friday.