11/27/2014 02:40 EST | Updated 01/27/2015 05:59 EST

Glen Gieschen ID'd As Man Who Plotted Attack On Downtown Calgary Building

Glen Gieschen, who pleaded guilty to firearms and explosives charges earlier this month linked to an attack plot on a downtown Calgary building, can now be identified.

A Calgary judge ruled Thursday to lift the publication ban on the 45-year-old's name.

The former member of the Canadian Armed Forces was arrested last January after he was found with weapons, explosives and detailed building plans that apparently targeted the Veterans Affairs office on the seventh floor of the Bantrel Tower at 700 Sixth Avenue S.W.

Gieschen, who was on long-term disability leave, had been at odds with Veterans Affairs for a least a year prior to his arrest over compensation for health-care costs.

Defence lawyer Tonii Roulston said her client is remorseful for his actions, and that he never really planned to carry out an attack.

"He sincerely apologizes to all staff at Veterans Affairs Canada,” she said.

"He didn't have an intention to follow through. What he was doing was going to his parents' acreage and that's where his intention was actually to commit suicide."

Guilty plea</p>

Gieschen pleaded guilty earlier this month to three of seven firearms and explosives charges against him.

The other four weapons and explosives-related charges are expected to be dropped.

Provincial court Judge Sean Dunnigan had granted a temporary publication ban on Gieschen’s identify, but Sun Media and CBC opposed the application.

CBC News reporter Kyle Bakx made a submission in court against the ban, noting that the media seek to be accurate in reporting the case and do not want to give the impression of protecting the accused.

Bakx added Gieschen’s family name had already been made public earlier this year, so a publication ban would be ineffective.

Dunnigan dismissed the application for a publication ban Thursday, which cancelled the temporary one.

Gieschen will be sentenced in January after he undergoes a forensic psychiatric exam and risk assessment.


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