11/27/2014 12:33 EST

Rehtaeh Parsons Cartoon By Bruce MacKinnon Is A Powerful Summation Of A Sad Case (TWEETS)

Halifax's Chronicle Herald made a risky, but laudable move when it published Rehtaeh Parsons' name despite a publication ban this week.

A second man had entered a guilty plea to one count of child pornography in the high-profile case. Rehtaeh's father Glen Canning wanted her identified, and the judge overseeing the case said, "the ban serves no purpose."

It's been a lengthy, complicated and heartbreaking case. And few summed it up better than Chronicle Herald cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon, who published the following in the newspaper on Wednesday.

It wasn't the first time that MacKinnon had summarized the case so succinctly, and yet so powerfully. The following cartoon appeared in the newspaper earlier this month.

And then there was this one, published last year.

Parsons' story also isn't the only one that MacKinnon has managed to capture so perfectly.

He put out this one in the wake of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's shooting at the National War Memorial last month.

Sometimes it takes far more (or less) than words to tell a story.

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