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Flare Magazine's Jian Ghomeshi 'Court Style' Story Is Panned By The Internet

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TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 26: Jian Ghomeshi leaving College Park Court with his Lawyer Marie Henein after Ghomeshi was released on $100,000 bail. The 47-year-old has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcome resistance (choking). (David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Canadian fashion magazine Flare is in damage control mode after it published a story that was initially titled "Decoding the Courthouse Style of Jian Ghomeshi" on Thursday.

The story, by writer Flannery Dean, talked to both an image consultant and a criminal defence lawyer who analyzed how Ghomeshi dressed for a Wednesday court appearance after he was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of "overcome resistance - choking."

Dean pointed out that Ghomeshi abandoned the "rock-guy" style he often wore while hosting "Q" on CBC Radio, in favour of a clean-shaven look with a black suit and blue tie. He apparently did not wear the tie in the courtroom.

"He's done everything to look as appropriate as possible," image consultant Diane Craig told the magazine.

"By dressing this way, he's saying, 'This is business. I'm taking this seriously.'"

Lawyer Jag Virk, meanwhile, told Flare that he "advises clients to wear business attire at court but with the caveat of not overdoing it."

He wasn't a fan of Ghomeshi's style, saying that black is "associated with the bad guy."

The story was viciously panned in the website's comments section, with one reader saying, "Way to take a case with many victims and turn it into a shitty style article."

Plenty of Twitter users were also angry about the story.

The magazine changed the story's headline to, "Decoding Jian Ghomeshi's Courtroom Appearance" and issued an apology on Twitter.

But when that didn't go over well with its followers, it issued a second apology in a series of tweets, and posted a note on its website from managing editor Maureen Halushak.

Here's an excerpt from that note:

"We regret that the original headline for the piece — 'Decoding Jian Ghomeshi's Courtroom Style' — misconstrued its intention, which was to discuss the strategy behind Ghomeshi's choice in apparel. The article was in no way intended to be seen as light-hearted fashion commentary."

Ghomeshi is expected to appear in court again on Jan. 8.

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