12/01/2014 12:23 EST

Aaron Joseph Purmort, Dad With Brain Cancer, Pens Amazing Obituary Before His Death

Aaron Purmort led an amazing life.

He fought crime, married Gwen Stefani, and was known to many as Spider-Man. Well, not really, but we don't love his humorous obituary any less.

The 35-year-old dad from Minneapolis wrote his own obituary with his wife's help, before he passed away from brain cancer on Nov. 25.

"I've never laughed and cried more in one sitting, but I'm glad we got to do this," his wife, Nora McInerny, wrote on her blog chronicling Purmort's journey with cancer.

He also found the humour in his disease while he was alive. This is one of our favourite posts from his Instagram account.

Worst day ever. RIP my ice cream cone on Johnson St. #worseThanTwoBrainsurgeries

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The family set up a crowdfunding account to help pay for some of his cancer treatment costs. People who donated also received a clever T-shirt with the slogan, "Still Kickin'."

"This isn't just a t-shirt," according to the campaign's description. "It's a message to the world no matter what life hands you, giving up is for wusses. It doesn't matter if it's a brain tumor, a lost puppy or farting in a meeting, you're still kickin. Because you're a tough sonofabitch."

While it appears he was a hoot in real life, McInerny writes her husband was also a remarkable person.

"Aaron was always kinder and more patient and more giving than he needed to be. He was grace and love in a spindly caucasian package."

Sorry readers, quick retraction: We were pretty sure that Purmort wasn't Spider-Man, but he apparently revealed his true colours on Halloween in October.


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