12/01/2014 12:31 EST

Pregnant CrossFit: Woman Eight Months Pregnant Is Still Lifting Weights (VIDEO)

Katja Harjanne may be eight months pregnant, but that's not stopping her from lifting heavy weights.

The 39-year-old mom-to-be from Brighton, who works out four to fives times a week, is a CrossFit fanatic who is still doing pull-ups, using heavy kettlebells and of course, lifting up to 100-kilo (220-pound) weights.

In the video above by Barcroft TV, Harjanne goes through her workout routine and says the exercise is helping her get through pregnancy.

"It is quite funny because at work I am not allowed to lift a box of paper, but at [the] gym I can deadlift 100 kilos," she tells the TV site.

Pregnant with her first child, Harjanne says she began to research the benefits of exercising while pregnant, and her midwife said strength training was fine, according to

"I have reduced the weights as my pregnancy has progressed and I only do what feels comfortable," she tells the paper.

Weightlifting while pregnant has always been a question of safety. Fitness expert Tracey Mallett tells BabyCenter weight training is a great way to stay fit during pregnancy, but moms-to-be should always talk to a healthcare professional before getting into a routine, stick to lighter weights and more reps, and most importantly, always listen to their own bodies -- especially if they feel muscle strains or fatigue.

Harjanne says she is listening to her body and is looking forward to a smooth labour. Watch the video above to find out why she's so keen on being fit.


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