12/02/2014 03:30 EST | Updated 12/02/2014 03:59 EST

15 Things That Are More Fun Than Christmas Shopping

It's December, meaning that shopping malls are starting to fill up with panicked Christmas shoppers who need to cross off all the people on their list before they can get the hell outta dodge.

Because let's face it: nothing is more horrible than joining the sweaty hordes while you're stressed out trying to get a gift for your grandma or your significant other's sister.

So, in light of the situation that millions of people around the world are facing this month, we give you the 15 fun things we'd rather be doing than Christmas shopping. (In short: everything.)

1. Stuffing our faces with delicious food

2. Sitting on the couch, watching Netflix

3. Having a sweet, sweet nap

4. Online shopping

5. Baking delicious treats

6. Caroling

In the shower, natch.

7. Dancing in our pyjamas

8. Kissing under the mistletoe

9. Crying while watching Christmas TV specials

10. Searching for the perfect Christmas tree

11. Watching a basketball game

12. Relaxing at the spa

13. Re-watching "Little Women" for the thousandth time

"I still don't understand why Laurie and Jo couldn't be together!"

14. Eating all our advent calendar chocolate

15. Making DIY gifts

"Why oh why didn't I just go to the mall??"