12/02/2014 06:06 EST | Updated 02/01/2015 05:59 EST

Manitoba legislature passes government throne speech with rebel help

WINNIPEG - Manitoba's NDP government got its throne speech approved by the legislature, with the support of rebel caucus members.

The Opposition Progressive Conservatives tried, but failed, to convince some New Democrats who have challenged Premier Greg Selinger to vote against the throne speech.

The speech is a confidence motion and can cause the government to fall if it is defeated.

But the rebels stuck with the government side, and the government will not face another confidence vote until the spring.

Theresa Oswald, a former cabinet minister who is considering running against Selinger for the party helm, says the throne speech contains many good ideas for health care and education.

The NDP has scheduled a leadership contest for its annual convention in March, following the caucus revolt that threatens to end Selinger's term as premier.

Selinger has been under fire over his government's move to raise the provincial sales tax last year, and the NDP has had low opinion poll numbers ever since.