12/03/2014 09:50 EST | Updated 02/02/2015 05:59 EST

$10K dispute between landlord, contractor highlights hiring risks

A Toronto landlord says a contractor took $10,000 from her but never finished the work he agreed to do, leaving a gaping hole surrounding her property for over three months.

Veronica Douse says she hired contractor Vince Forgione — who came recommended by her real estate agent — to install weeping tile around her property, a fairly common project. Forgione dug a trench around the brick apartments, then stopped, leaving a deep trench around the building.

Both Douse and her tenants are frustrated with the situation, which they call both inconvenient, bad for the building and potentially dangerous for children who play nearby.

When contacted by the CBC, Forgione said he's going to do the work and will refund Douse if he doesn't. He also says he was told he could take his time with the job — an agreement that wasn't put in writing. Forgione declined to be interviewed for this story.

CBC Toronto's Kate Adach has the rest of the story, including advice about how you can avoid situations like this.