12/03/2014 03:42 EST | Updated 02/02/2015 05:59 EST

UBC's Carter the coyote has own Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

A coyote living on the University of British Columbia's Point Grey campus has become an internet sensation with its own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Students, who have nicknamed the coyote Carter, have been posting photos and videos of the animal hunting squirrels or casually hanging around the campus.

"I’m from Surrey so it’s quite rare to see animals like that. I thought it was cool, just wandering around campus, not really bothered by humans," science student Hareet Dhillon told The Early Edition.

Second year arts student Guy Noah says he thinks students like the idea of having a campus pet or mascot.

"Before the coyote showed up everybody was really obsessed with the squirrels and then the coyote showed up and now they’re obsessed with the coyote," he said.

"It’s kind of sad because now the coyote is eating all of the squirrels."

One student posted this video of Carter hunting squirrels on campus:

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Barry Eccleton— head of UBC Campus Security — guesses Carter has been at the campus for about a month.

He says coyotes aren't uncommon on the UBC campus, but the attention Carter is getting is unique.

Eccleton is worried about reports he's received of people feeding Carter.

"As it is, this animal is bold, and then there's a risk of aggression. We really want to avoid that path."

Eccleton says conservation officers won't intervene until the coyote shows aggressive behaviour.

"We campus security are actively monitoring this, and to date the animal has not been aggressive."

Eccleton says if students do cross paths with the coyote they should walk away. If it doesn't back down, they should raise their arms to appear bigger than they are, and make noise.

The university has launched an information campaign to remind students Carter is a wild animal.

To hear more about Carter the campus coyote, click on the audio clip labelled: Carter the coyote hanging out at UBC