12/04/2014 17:56 EST | Updated 02/03/2015 05:59 EST

Dog shot in face on the mend at Regina Humane Society

A dog that had been shot in the face and was discovered at an abandoned house in rural Saskatchewan is recovering at the Regina Humane Society.

Wilson, a mixed German shepherd-collie, was discovered by people who noticed a dog outside the building shivering in the cold. When they checked on the animal and the house, they found Wilson as well as a mother dog and eight puppies huddled in the basement.

Lisa Koch, from the humane society, said they believe Wilson fathered the litter.

"Wilson in particular was living obviously in tremendous pain and he did not leave his partner no matter what," Koch said. "He is the kindest, sweetest, most faithful dog that you'd ever want to meet."

All the animals were taken to the humane society in rough shape, and described as dirty and malnourished.

Wilson had a fractured jaw and bullet fragments in his mouth.

Emergency care was provided by the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, in Saskatoon, at the University of Saskatchewan.

Wilson has been fitted with a brace to hold his jaw in place as it mends. He is being fed soup, and returns to the vet college in a few weeks for a followup operation.

Winnie, the mother dog and her puppies — Wishbone, Wish, Wizard, Wolf, Wess, Wog, Winoe and Wags — are all available for adoption as of Friday.