12/04/2014 04:03 EST | Updated 12/04/2014 04:59 EST

15 Stages We Go Through When Getting Ready For A Holiday Party

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Holiday parties are their own kind of beast. Different from birthday parties and other celebrations, the holiday party is unique in that it either involves your co-workers, your significant other's co-workers, family who you haven't seen in ages and/or people drunk on spiked eggnog.

They also involve you wearing a Christmas party dress, which itself can be harrowing as not all of us like wearing an outfit that involves sequins, velvet or the colour red.

Nevertheless, holiday parties are something each and every one of us must endure, and so, with a long and knowing sigh, we bring you the 15 stages we all go through when getting ready for a Christmas party. Good luck, all.

1. Freak out when you realize you have nothing to wear

2. Do some last-minute online shopping

3. Lose it when you find out J.Crew doesn't carry the dress you want in your size

4. Almost have a heart attack when you find another dress you like but the shipping costs more than the dress itself

5. Grab your bestie and head to the mall

6. Sigh with relief when you find a cheap dress you can wear more than once

7. Fill with rage when you find out that a button is missing

8. Spend a long time in the shower, mentally preparing yourself for the inevitable awkward conversations

9. Cry in despair when you can't find the right shoes to wear with your new dress

10. Mess up your makeup. Three times.

11. Take a long time thinking about what kind of underwear you should wear

12. Grow more and more frustrated while you try to decide whether to wear tights (for warmth) or go bare (more chic)


'cause baby it's cold outside.

14. Throw on a pair of heels and accept you're going to be very uncomfortable

15. Fix yourself up in a cab 'cause your hair got messed up while walking a few steps in the dead of winter

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