12/04/2014 04:00 EST | Updated 02/02/2015 05:59 EST

Joe Cimino, Sudbury MPP, Gets $58,000 In Severance Pay After 5 months work


TORONTO - The Ontario legislature will look at changing the rules for severance pay after a rookie New Democrat became eligible for a $58,000 payout after only five months on the job.

UPDATE: Former MPP Joe Cimino confirmed he will not accept the $58,000 severance package, according to The Toronto Star.

Sudbury New Democrat MPP Joe Cimino quit suddenly in late November, citing personal issues for resigning a seat he won June 12.

All members of provincial parliament are eligible for a minimum of six months' severance pay for any term under four years.

But even NDP Leader Andrea Horwath admits getting a $58,000 severance after five months' work "will raise a lot of eyebrows" among Ontario taxpayers.

Horwath says she'd look forward to the government introducing possible changes to the severance package rules.

Government house leader Yasir Naqvi says the Board of Internal Economy will take a look at the severance packages, but notes MPPs do not get a provincial pension, unlike their federal counterparts.

"It's up to the former NDP MPP or for Andrea Horwath to make a determination whether they want to accept the severance or not," said Naqvi. "It's an issue that the Board of Internal Economy may have to look at."

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