12/04/2014 11:00 EST

Mariah Carey Tries To Sing 'All I Want For Christmas,' Fails (Isolated Vocals Video)

Mariah Carey is world-famous because of her amazing, multi-octave vocals, though after her live TV performance during NBC's Christmas special we might have to put that in past-tense.

Carey was originally scheduled to a do a pre-taped segment the night before to air during the annual Christmas tree lighting special at Rockefeller Center, but showed up three hours late reportedly because she was on the phone with her divorce lawyer.

The singer tweeted an apology and NBC decided to add her to the Wednesday night special as a live performance. This may have been a mistake.

The video above is reportedly her unedited isolated vocals, which were first posted on, though even the aired version with the band sounds pretty below par, especially in the second half.

So as our gift to you, we've also included a selection of amazing isolated vocal track performances to clean your ears out.

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