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Oxford Dictionaries' New Words For 2014 Include Lolcat, Jel And Canadian Tuxedo

Forget everything you think you know about proper grammar, and look no further than your smartphone for the words of 2014. recently released a list of words they'll be adding to the site as of this month, and they range from lingo Canadians have been using for years to Internet memes that require an explanation that will likely end with you staring at hundreds of pictures of cats. Because that's what the Internet does.

There's also a healthy smattering of reality TV slang and corporate speak, though it must be noted the latter seems to have embraced the casual vocabulary so beloved by those who text constantly — which is to say, everyone.

On their blog, Oxford Dictionary Press explained that new entries come from programs that sift through song lyrics, journals, and other pieces of online content.

"When we have evidence of a new term being used in a variety of different sources (not just by one writer) it becomes a candidate for inclusion in one of our dictionaries," the authors wrote.

Check out a selection of words being added to the dictionary this year (alongside their oft-needed definitions), and tell us if you think there were any they missed.

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