12/04/2014 02:19 EST | Updated 02/03/2015 05:59 EST

Second Cup unveils 'café of the future' in downtown Toronto

Second Cup has revamped one of its coffee shops in downtown Toronto, in what the company is billing as the first step in a wider revitalization for the Canadian chain.

The company issued a news release Thursday, regarding the unveiling its "café of the future" at the corner of King Street West and John Street.

This flagship café will offer customers more choices in terms of the coffee its employees will brew, along with a greater variety of non-coffee food and beverage offerings.

At the newly installed "Slow Bar," customers can "interact" with staff who will be able to prepare drinks made to suit individual customers' preferences using a so-called Steampunk brewing system.

Other changes include a new dress code for employees, a new set of musical selections that will be played at the café, as well as built-in charging stations to allow patrons to charge devices while they are enjoying their coffee.

The store will also display a new Second Cup logo — one that is meant to emphasize "the re-energized premium status of the brand," according to a news release.

Alix Box, the company's president and chief executive officer, said the café is part of a new beginning for the Canadian chain that was founded nearly four decades ago.

"This café is an important step in our revolution and reflects our passion for coffee in creative and collaborative ways," Box said in a statement.

Second Cup says the Toronto café will serve as "a coffee laboratory of sorts," which the company will use to determine what features may be added to other stores in the near future.

"While our work is far from over, this café and new brand design are critical components to help re-establish our position of prominence, and we invite everyone to come experience the future at Second Cup Coffee Co.," Box said.

There are more than 300 Second Cup cafes in operation across Canada. The company says it serves over one million beverages to customers each week.