12/05/2014 03:28 EST | Updated 02/04/2015 05:59 EST

Canada Post home delivery eliminated for 5,000 Delta residents

Some Delta, B.C. residents have been told that they will lose their home mail delivery next fall, as Canada Post shifts their service to community mailboxes.

Canada Post says the move will impact nearly 5,000 addresses with postal codes starting with V4K.

Lorraine Logan with the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia calls the move punishing for the elderly.

"This just makes them more vulnerable whenever they have to go to a community mailbox, wherever that may be. Many older adults don't drive and walking isn't always in the equation," says Logan.

"Maybe even if one per cent or one person has now to struggle down to a community mailbox  in weather like this, in cold, in a walker — has a bad hip or can't see — it just doesn't make any sense".

Entire community mailbox stolen

About a year ago Canada Post announced it would phase out door-to-door delivery by 2018  to increase its profitability.

Stephen Gale with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says it is just going to lead to more stolen mail for Canadians.

"You put more community mailboxes out there — it's going to be more of a temptation to the people breaking in to them and stealing them and doing things," says Gale.

He notes thieves are no longer just breaking into the mailboxes. Earlier this week, an entire community mailbox was stolen from its spot at 28 Avenue and 169 Street in Surrey, B.C..

"Instead of Canada Post looking at eliminating door-to-door and putting everything in these boxes, they should be looking at it the other day and realizing this isn't a secure delivery method and going back to door-to-door delivery that is secure," says Gale.

Canada Post says no full or part-time employee will lose their job as a result of the changes in Delta.