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Everything IS Awesome Because 'The Lego Movie' Song Got A Grammy Nomination

The Grammys have been rolling out their nominees list all day long, which you can see here. But we just wanted to point put that Tegan and Sara just got a Grammy nomination for a song called "Everything Is AWESOME!!!"

Oh, and don't think we're making fun because the song is awesome. (Disclaimer: I have a five-year-old and therefore have listened to the song approximately umpteen gazillion times.)

Tegan and Sara teamed up with the Andy Samberg's Lonely Island crew and producer Mark Mothersbaugh to make the theme song for "The Lego Movie." (One of the songwriters, Josh Bartholomew, is from Pembrooke, Ont.)

"It's a crazy earworm," Sara Quin told The Hollywood Report. "As someone who prides myself on being able to write things that are memorable and hooky, the second that we heard this song, I was astounded. Whether you like the song or not, whether you think it's funny or annoying, there's no denying that it's a ridiculously hooky thing. As soon as you hear it, it never leaves your brain."

But much like the movie itself there's a lot more going on there. As Mothersbaugh told Fox News, the song "was supposed to be like mind control early in the film. It's totally irritating, this kind of mindless mantra to get people up and working. It's like the whip crack on their back, but then by the end of the movie it morphs into, instead of being just a mindless, go-to-work song it becomes about co-operation and people working together to do bigger things."

See? Awesome!

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