12/05/2014 06:00 EST | Updated 02/04/2015 05:59 EST

Parcels going missing from Bloor and Ossington porches

Parcels and packages have been going missing from porches in the Bloor Street West and Ossington Avenue area, leaving residents to suspect that something is up.

Samarra Khaja recently spotted an empty Lands' End shipping box in an alley.

She let her neighbour know that whatever she had ordered had been stolen.

"I emailed my neighbourhood email list to let everyone know and subsequently there were many reports of other thefts of packages off of porches in the last few months," she told CBC News.

Khaja said she reported a similar theft to police back in April.

Allison Black, who lives on the same street, said she has had five packages disappear from her porch over the past four weeks.

She didn't report those thefts, however, since her orders were either reimbursed or replaced.

"I suspect just because there is absolutely no evidence that the products were delivered to my house [that] there wouldn't be a case," Black said in an interview.

One area resident has posted surveillance video on Facebook that shows a man taking a package off his front porch.

Residents are asking anyone who has experienced a similar theft to contact police.