12/05/2014 11:52 EST | Updated 12/05/2014 12:59 EST

This Is The Bill 10 Video You Need To See

If you haven't seen this video regarding Bill 10, you should stop what you're doing and watch it right now.

Ryan Jespersen, host of Breakfast Television Edmonton, gave an impassioned and articulate response Thursday to the Alberta government's Bill 10 – which, in its original form, gave the final say to form gay-straight alliances in Alberta's school to the school boards and told students to go to court if they wanted to challenge it. Premier Jim Prentice said this was the best way to balance the rights of kids, schools and parents.

But Jespersen, echoing the sentiment of many Albertans, calls the bill "ridiculous," "backwards," and "hillbilly," adding that it perpetuates "the rumours and the notions and the misconceptions that the rest of Canada has about some of Alberta's population."

Yesterday, Prentice put Bill 10 on hold, saying that while it would remain on the books, he wanted to hear other sides of the debate.

He said he accepts personal responsibility for the scorn and outrage caused by the bill.

"I'm most disturbed that our gay and lesbian youth are caught in the middle of a very divisive debate. This they didn't ask for, and for the most part these are young people trying to find their way in life and in our province," he told reporters.