12/06/2014 11:33 EST | Updated 12/08/2014 07:59 EST

Calgary's Worst Driver Is Really Bad And Really Slow (VIDEO)

Consider this your warning: what you're about to watch is very painful. If bad driving makes you susceptible to rage, you may want to click away now.

In a tweet sent Friday, Calgary police said they are investigating a driver caught on surveillance video responsible for some of the worst driving we've ever seen.

In fact, Calgary police Const. Jeremy Shaw gave the person behind the wheel the dubious title of "Calgary's Worst Driver."

In the video, the driver of the silver BMW SUV shows an incredible lack of depth perception (or something), backing into a red vehicle, despite there being plenty of room to get out of the parking stall.

Then, in a series of excruciating-to-watch maneuvers, the driver spends close to five minutes turning the car around, before finally getting in position to drive away.

Police told Global News the incident happened at a southeast parking lot, in the 4000 block of Manila Road.

What's even more infuriating is the BMW driver fails to tell the man in the green top that she hit his car — and he's the one who ultimately helps her exit the parking lot!

UPDATE, Dec. 8: The driver had received a $115 ticket for "unsafe backing," according to Global.

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