12/07/2014 10:02 EST | Updated 02/06/2015 05:59 EST

Poochie the stolen poodle reunited with owner

Poochie the poodle has returned to his rightful home, two weeks after he was taken away outside a Parkdaleroti shop while his owner was paying for some takeout. 

A couple found the 14-month-old miniature poodle on the night of his disappearance on the other side of the city and took care of him for the last two weeks, according to Ross Logan, Poochie's owner. 

In a Facebook post, Logan explained Poochie was seen running across Eglinton and Midland avenues around 10 p.m. on Nov. 22, about two hours after his disappearance and 20 kilometres away from his home. The couple who found him asked around, but couldn't find Poochie's owner. They then took the poodle home and spent the last two weeks looking for missing posters in their area and searching Kijiji postings. 

"But due to the distance between our respective searches, we did not connect," Logan wrote. "Their search was limited to the east of the city, as our missing posters and street searches were limited to the west. 

On Saturday, the couple tried to search on Google and found Poochie's missing poster. They connected with Logan soon after. 

"Poochie was jumping for joy when we arrived," Logan wrote. 

Crime Stoppers re-enactment 

Poochie finally returned to his rightful home Saturday night. 

"After some confusion and a lot of sniffing, he has settled down and is now fast asleep on the couch."

Logan told CBC News earlier that he believed the dog was snatched away while he went inside a roti shop to pay for the food. 

"A man approached me … he asked if the roti shop was still open, I said yes," he told CBC News the day after Poochie's disappearance. "He was in there for about a minute and as he left the store, I entered to pick up my food and then one of the staff members saw him bend down and pick up the dog, assuming he was the owner."

Logan and his girlfriend then put up posters and created a Facebook page in a bid to help them find the missing dog.

He had also reported the incident to the police, and the alleged theft was re-enacted in a Crime Stoppers video.