12/08/2014 07:20 EST | Updated 02/07/2015 05:59 EST

Engineers monitoring Seymour River rock slide for flooding

Metro Vancouver crews are keeping a close eye on the Seymour River in North Vancouver after a rock slide this weekend.

On Sunday, several boulders crashed down into a canyon near the Twin Bridges area, partially blocking the flow of water and raising water levels immediately upstream.

With heavy rain in the forecast for the next three days, a team of geotechnical engineers and hydrologists have been monitoring the area to determine if nearby houses might be at risk.

But Metro Vancouver spokesman Bill Morrell says they believe there is no significant flood risk at the moment.

"Because it is a rock slide rather than a mudslide, the river's partially blocked. So water is getting through," said Morrell on Monday. "It is pooling up a bit in behind the area of the slide itself, but the flow in the river is continuing."

Crews were also able to alter the operation of the Seymour Falls Dam to make room in the reservoir for extra water.