12/08/2014 02:25 EST | Updated 12/08/2014 02:59 EST

WWI Grenade Donated To Edmonton Goodwill

zim286 via Getty Images

It was a tense scene at an Edmonton Goodwill Saturday afternoon, after staff found a grenade amongs donation items.

Police say six units responded to the donation centre at 128 Street and 137 Avenue after staff spotted the piece of ammunition in a box of household items.

The area was cordoned off and explosive experts assessed the device. In the end, they found it was a decommissioned WWI grenade, likely made inactive long ago.

Staff Sgt. David DeMarco with the Edmonton Police Service said the inclusion of the grenade for donation was likely an oversight, and was not "given with any intention to scare or alarm."

Laurie Pratt, director of marketing for Goodwill, told CBC News that Goodwill has received donations of weapons and other dangerous materials in the past, but she believes most of the time it's done by mistake.

Police say the grenade is now in possession of the Canadian Armed Forces, who will find a suitable home for antique.


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