12/08/2014 07:29 EST | Updated 02/07/2015 05:59 EST

Laval and Longueuil homeowners face tax hikes in 2015

Homeowners in the cities of Longueuil and Laval will be hit with a tax increase of more than 3 per cent in the new year.

The cities tabled their budgets Monday.

In Longueuil, the average tax hike for residential property owners will be 3.9 per cent — twice as high as last year's increase.

For the average home in Longueuil — worth about $251,000 — that’s an increased tax bill of $93 compared to what it was in 2014.

Longueuil Mayor Caroline St-Hilaire said inflation is partly to blame.

She also pointed the finger at the Couillard government for cutting $300 million in transfer payments to Quebec municipalities.

“If the Minister of Municipal Affairs believes he can do better, let him come sit with us. It will be a pleasure for us to open our books,” St-Hilaire said.

In Laval, homeowners will see an increase of 3.2 per cent.

It’s estimated that the average homeowner’s property taxes will go up by $84 in 2015.

Mayor Marc Demers also blamed inflation and the new cuts to municipal governments.

Demers said Laval had its spending cut by about $6 million.

He said the city has accumulated a surplus of $111 million, but did not want to use this money to prevent a tax increase.