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Phil Kessel Just Won Every Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, Ever

The holidays are coming. That means it's time for egg nog, presents and — lord help us — ugly Christmas sweaters.

We thought it would take a long time before we found the worst one. But then Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf had to go and post this photo of himself and teammate Phil Kessel on Instagram Sunday.

Happy Holidays @phil_kessel_81_

A photo posted by Dion Phaneuf (@dion_phaneuf3) on

We're not sure where to begin with this one. Kessel doesn't look like he's wearing a sweater so much as a "Christmas elf" Halloween costume.

We looked around to see if anyone in the NHL could top him. So far we found this video, of Minnesota Wild players Charlie Coyle and Jason Zucker.

We also found the cringeworthy video of the San Jose Sharks rapping that you'll see above this story.

And still, we think the Maple Leafs forward takes this, hands down.

If the Leafs never win a Stanley Cup again, Kessel can at least satisfy himself that he won every ugly Christmas sweater contest ever held in human history.


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